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Plant Parenthood

ADV 486 Capstone Project

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About the project:

For my senior capstone project, my team and I were tasked with creating an original marketing campaign to celebrate the 150th birthday of Beal Botanical Garden & boost awareness among students and faculty. I acted as creative director, which meant laying the groundwork for a cohesive execution of our vision, overseeing and approving all the design efforts, fielding any creative questions from the client, and creating an eye-catching presentation from scratch as well as merchandise mockups and other assets. I also originally pitched the Plant Parenthood concept we ended up going with and I am responsible for most of the broader and logistical details of the pitch. 

It was through this project that I realized that I would love to start my professional creative journey as a graphic designer. But my ambitions do not stop there. Managing a team that eventually ended up bringing my initial vision to life was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done as a creative. Did it end up perfect? Absolutely not. And I learned that imperfections and deviations from the original concept are inevitable and necessary. I thought the responsibility of creative directing would scare me, but it actually made me realize what I’m capable of. 

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